Our mission

Our team is the result of a professional and human joint of different working experiences aimed at providing the highest level of care to all cardiovascular patients amenable to be treated with a fully endovascular approach and offering international operators opportunities of education and training in all fields of interventional cardiology.

We all share the idea that interventional cardiovascular medicine is a common field where super specialized cardiologists could be able to treat each single vascular district according to a wide variety of interventional skills and strategies: we are currently able to perform endovascular treatment of carotid, subclavian, coronary, renal, aortic and lower limb atherosclerotic occlusive or aneurysmatic disease, as well as valvular heart disease following a high-volume experience in TAVI, Mitraclip, paravalvular leak closure and patent forame ovale closure.

We believe that interventional medicine should therefore be considered a PAN-VASCULAR medicine with interventional operators being able to treat not a single district but THE PATIENT globally.

Our strengths

Our team gained a worldwide recognized experience in some specific settings that could provide patients new and often safer therapeutic options compared to the ones available in other sites.

These ‘pathways’ are the result of a large clinical experience and a strong research background from our Team over the last decade.

The Contrast Zero TAVI

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The Tailored Carotid Artery Stenting approach

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Drug Eluting Baloons in lower limb revascularization

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