Carotid artery stenting (CAS) has been one of the milestones of our interventional experience for years.

Clinical data are now showing that, only when performed in experienced hands, CAS is comparable to surgery in early and long-term outcomes.

Our approach

In our 20-year long experience, with more than 4000 CAS procedures performed, we elaborated the concept of ‘Tailored CAS’.

To achieve high procedural-success the multifactorial CAS strategy involves a “tailored approach” in the application of endovascular devices and techniques to a specific patient with a specific lesion and a specific vascular anatomy.

This requires an in-depth knowledge of neuro-assessment, carotid plaque characteristics, vascular anatomy, and technical features of endovascular materials: guiding-catheters and sheaths, guidewires, embolic protection devices (EPDs), balloons and carotid stents.

Knowing each different anatomy and each different device, CAS procedures could become a safer and more effective procedure to be tailored according to individual patient’s characteristics.