Our approach

Lower limb revascularization is usually a technically demanding procedure requiring specific interventional skills and strategies to achieve success.

However, even in presence of a good procedural result, the biggest limitation is still the high rate of restenosis.

Following our interventional experience and scientific involvement in clinical trials evaulating new technologies in the femoro-popliteal and BTK revascularization, we have now developed a deep experience with drug-eluted balloons.

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When treating lower limb atherosclerosis, the opportunity of reducing the rate of restenosis by leaving nothing inside the patient is a crucial matter to improve the outcome of these procedures. 

Using stents is often a not effective solution because of mechanical distortion happening during walking or sitting to the arterial segments of the lower limbs. 

For this reason, we believe that standard angioplasty with drug eluting balloons has the advantage of leaving nothing inside the patient but providing good patency rates even at long term follow-up.